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Thursday, August 2, 2012

In my Bag & Beauty Bag 2012

 For the second time around, What's in my bag tag! I will do this once a year. You can view last year bag tag here.

  I brought this tote bag is from Payless maybe 4 years ago and I just started using it now. On the front buckle it has a woman's name "Lela Rose" I'm guessing that's the designer of the bag or company? I don't know. I also can't remember how much I paid for it. But I'm guessing since it was from Payless, not much. Maybe $29.99 or something.

  What I do know for sure is that this bag was HEAVY when I first got it. And it can hold a lot of heavy stuff. Books and even a 15" laptop! I was real surprise at the quality and durability of the bag when I got it. I jam all my stuff and ballet stuff in here and still have room!
   I even brought the clutch purse that matches the bag. But I have yet to use it....
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 Anyway, Here is what I keep in my bag:

*Latest Issue of Teen Vogue
*Hello Kitty Wallet (Wet Seal)
*8GB Flash Drive (Walgreens)
* Variety of coupons
*Pink & Black bag for female products (Target)
*Hello Kitty note pad (Barnes & Nobles)
*Nokia X2-01 Phone (Walmart.com)
*SkullCandy Earphones (Marshall)
*Black pocket knife (Home Depot)
*House & Car keys
*Hello Kitty money & coin purse (WalMart)
*Target Beauty Bag (Free)
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And here is what I keep in my beauty bag, I keep it real simple in here folks:

*Target Beauty Bag (Free)
*Two Revlon Lip Butters in Tutti Frutti & Candy Apple (Rite Aid)
*Square compact mirror (Target)
*EOS Summer Fruit Lip sphere (Walgreen's)
*Wet n' Wild Lip Gloss (Walgreen's)
*Chapstick with label off (Walgreen's)
*Purell Hand Sanitizer (CVS)
*Sample size Neutrogena SPF 70 Sunblock (Free)
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 That's all for now!

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