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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Squall's Griever Necklace

  I haven't blogged or tweeted in a while but I have a very good excuses! I'm in Baltimore, Maryland enjoying Otakon with friends! In fact I'm at Otakon right now typing this! It was a last minute trip, because I have friends in Baltimore who asked me to come.
  Anyway, yesterday before I went back to my hotel, I went to the Dealer's Room at Otakon. You know, the place where can buy lots of anime/video game stuff. I didn't have much money on me but I wanted  to buy something cool. And that's when I saw "it". A Final Fantasy VIII Squall Griever necklace it costed $10.00 and looks very nice. On the back it says "Sleeping Lion Heart". Needless to say, It's now MINE muwhahahaha!!!!!

  This goes great with my Squall Gunblade necklace, my friend brought me at Otakon last year. You can see it here....

                             Sorry about the picture quality! I'm using my phone's camera.

It says: "Sleeping Lion Heart".

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  1. you are so pretty! <3 love the necklace and your blog!