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Monday, June 6, 2011

In my Handbag

  I think it's a right of passage and a must do on any female's blog to do a "What's in my makeup bag?" or "What's in my handbag?" type of entry lol. I choose to do a handbag entry, because if I do my makeup then that's it, I don't carry any on me when I go out. My makeup is so simple and neutral that there's no need for touch ups. The only time I wear heavy makeup is when we have a ballet recital on stage and we have a makeup-artist who does that. So sorry girls, no makeup for me when I'm out so it will not be featured. :P

   My handbag is from Wet Seal (it's out of stock) that I got for $32.99. Yeah, it's not designer or something like that but I love it anyway! Had it for two years and still going strong. I love the inside of the bag, the floral print makes me think about spring.

  Even thought I love my bag and its big I don't carry a lot with me when I go out. I don't take this handbag with me to ballet class for fear of it getting dirty, lost, or even stolen. I'll do a separate entry for things in my ballet bag later on. But for now here's what I take when I go out...

  As you can see not alot (see, I told you. lol). I carry around X amouts of lip balms, I switch between brands all the time. I do the same thing with my wallet. The Hello Kitty wallet was a gift, brought at Wet Seal. lol The random snacks are a must for me. I get hungry offen and need something to eat while I'm out all day. I'm a health nut so hand sanitizer gel is a must have. EOS hand lotion is something rather new that I picked up at Rite Aid. I also have hand sanitizer wipes for when I go shopping and I have to touch things like shopping carts, baskets etc... You get the picture.

  So that's what it's like to live in my handbag lol. Till next time girls ^_^.

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