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Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Plans

  So I just finshed watching the last episode of Law & Order SVU for the season (loved it!), now I have nothing to do. So what to do is blog, what are your plans for the summer? I can't travel far because I'm helping taking care of my dad (he's sick but getting better day by day :) ) but I do have a Summer-must-do list. I make one every winter to help with the pain of not being able to wear pretty spring clothes lol. Here's what I got so far...

1. Summer Reads: I try to finsh two books during the summer, between ballet, friends, family and social sites I don't read as nearly as I want. Last year I had two books; "Memoirs of a Geshia" and "The Lovely Bones". I never finshed The lovely Bones so I'm going add that to my reads for this summer. So this year I'm reading "Jane Eyer" and "The lovely Bones".

2. Beach: Going to hit a few (not just one that's not fair) Massachusetts's beaches. My friends and I pretty much live at the beaches this time of year. But this year I'm going to learn how to surf.

3. Shopping: Girl+sales+cute clothes= shopping. Need I say more?

5. Gaming: Since I study ballet I don't game that much. Ballet simply don't give me time for playing video games during the school year but now that summer break has begun (for me at least) I can work on my backlog. I want to finsh at least five games this summer.

6. Ballet: Ballet is a part of me I do not wish to fade. I practice everyday no matter how hot or cold it is outside.If I stop even just for a few weeks then I get rusty. I will keeping studying this passion of my during my Summer vaction.

7. Blogging: Now I have time to blog more. You bet I will blog about evry hot spot I've vist or been to over the break. Lots of picture lots of enties that's what I promise.

   That's my list so far but I'm postive that I'll be adding more and more as days goes by....

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