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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's the 1000th Summer!!

    The first day of June is upon us!! At last it's Summer. The month that starts off our summer vacations, cookouts, family & friends get-togethers, water parks and out-of-state trips and so much more.

 Gosh, what are you doing to do this summer?! This is the final week of my ballet class and then I'm offically on summer break! I'm going to hit ALL the water parks and pools with my friends. Ofcouse I'm going to still practice on my ballet dancing but my main focus is having some fun. Enjoying my youth, family and friends.

 Because of summer break starting real soon for me, I'll have more time to blog. Though...they'll consist of pictures of my summer lol. I'll still blog about ballet and beauty but mostly about F-U-N!!!!!!

 I seriously cannot wait to trade up my ballet flats for flip-flops and cute heels. I hope all of you have a wonderful summer and wear plenty of sunblock!!!

                                        Sara Crewe and I are going to hit the pool after ballet class :P

                  Keeping my entry short and sweet much like my last week of classes.

                    Have a great summer guys and congrats to the class of 2011!!!!! ^___^

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