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Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Slight Skincare Obsession....

  I have a slight obsession with Skincare procducts. Ever sense I developed acne I brought/read every book about keeping your skin clear and free of damage. Right now, I'm with mostly Biore products. They work very well for my skin type (oily skin with dry spaces on my nose and chin). 

  When I first started out on my "Skincare Jouney" I was with Clean & Clear. I had no skin problems then just washed my face and apply sunblock everyday. Then I was with Neutrogena and Oxy (The Acne)......*I hated thoses days* But I got through it by using the right products and most importantly giving it time.
    I had acne BAD, it was all over my face, chest and arms. It got so bad that I didn't even bother to looking in the mirror when it's time for school. Oddly enough I wasn't pick on or bullied for my acne. I guess they were having to much fun with the fact of my shyness and "nerdy lifestyle" (I read A LOT of books mostly Fantasy) that they didn't notice. So alot of my insecurities didn't come from others but only myself and the occasional fashion magazine. But anyway I decided that I was going to take control of my skin and my life. So I went to my doctor beacuse the beauty books where not helping me. And my doctor reccomend me four products, one being a prescription.

Neutrogena Body Wash: Every night before bed Itake a bath using this stuff. Yes it did dry my skin BUT was part of the reason why I have no more acne on my arms and chest.

Oxy Acne Wash, Maximum Strength: This was my face wash for four years. Again it did dry my face out. Slowly but surely my face was becoming more clear.

Oxy Daily Cleansing Pads: I used these on my chest and arms only. I used one pad for each area. One for my left arm, one for my right arm and another for my chest area. Using both side of the pad swip from side to side, left to right.

  My doctor also prescribed a retinol for me that I still use to this day twice a week. But when I started this skin care routine my skin didn't magically get better over night, it took months to see a big improvment. And years (for me four) to see clear skin. Now, I'm all about maintanining my skin. I do still get breakouts every now & then because I'm imperfect and not some human Barbie doll. But my Biore face wash takes care of that for me. I'm all about sunblock, sunglasses and keeping oily skin to a minimum.

  Yes, eating right is also important. It is also right that you can slap on any kind of cream on your face but without a proper diet in place you won't get the full benefit of that cream. I would go deeper on this issue but......I did just eat a pizza >.< and I don't wanna be a hypocrite LOL.

    The moral of the story is to just go ask your doctor and please be patient.

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