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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Frost melt away...

 *sigh* I wish spring would hurry up and come to play. I'm tired of wearing long coats and snow boots all day every day. I want to wear cute short skirts, look at the pretty flowers, feel the warm air and enjoy life outside. I hate winter, everything is asleep or dead. Spring, Summer where are you?! lol


                                                       Okay small rant over.

  I'm still sick (bummer) but I had to go to a nearby RiteAid to get some cold meds. I should not drive in sick mode, it's to much for me. Anyways, while I was ther I saw that they are having a clearnce sale (50% to 75% off) all this week on beauty related items. Ha! I'm a HUGE sucker for sales so I stocked up on nail polish, toothpaste, body wash,  lip balm, and lots others.
  I really need to save up for a camera (whats a blog without pictures), the one on my phone is crappy. On my way home I decided to treat my self to some fast food. As a ballet dancer, it's forbidden but I'm sooooooo not hearing that right now. If I want food I WILL get food.
 So, I've brought a new beauty item at Target awhile ago but never reviewed it. I'll do it later.
 Dance classes are going great, I'm going to alot of casting calls to play parts in lots of plays. But I still need to work harder. If it wasn't for this damn cold of mine I get out of bed and do some much needed warm-ups. But it's okay, I have Sara Crew with me, we do everything together. lol she even helps me with my dancing (actually she's better at it than me, and she's a dog >_<).

 Okay, see ya soon!

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