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Monday, October 1, 2012

October, Thank you.

  Today is the first full month of Autumn. For me it's my last month here in San Diego.  I've been accepted into a private ballet school in New York. I just received my letter this morning! I'm so happy I'm crying now as I type this. All my hard work and patience as finally paid off! But before I move, I need to find a job, hopefully in dancing. But anything will do.

  I cannot believe that I will be living in New York!!!!!! I've been there on occasion but to live there, being able to go to Broadway shows whenever I want, the best ballet performance just steps away from my place.

  THE FOOD! I love New York food! I once had a pizza from there and could never find anything to top it in Boston or San Diego!

 Worst part about all this? moving. I hate moving but will move 1000 times over if it means getting one step closer to my goals.

  This also means I need to shop for Fall/Winter clothes. And I can start wearing my scarf collection!

  The school will pay for all of my classes, I'll be responsible for food & supplies.  I'll be in school Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm. I'll have weekends and holidays off. If I'm late to school I don't go to class. According to the letter they're pretty strict.  I love it already!

Now first thing first, got to find a place to live.

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