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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Channing Tatum & a Wolf Hat

      Finally got a few days rest from week to week filled with recitals, working and classes.

   During my few days off, I was watching a very soft porno movie "Magic Mike" which set off a Channing Tatum movie marathon. So far I've watched Dear John, 21 Jump Street, She's the Man, and Son of No One. Needless to say I love this man. 

  Anywho! I finally got a memory card for my new digital camera. It's a Canon PowerShot A2300. Cost $99 with free shipping & no tax. And I took pictures of random stuff at my place to see how good the quality is. 

  My favorite blogger/fashion icon "Arissa Cheo" took a picture on her blog of her wearing a cute wolf hat that I just fell in love with. I've been looking for a place that sells them for a decent price ever since. 
 Last night, I was at Rite Aid to pick up some medicine and just saw the exact same wolf hat! It was only $7.99 and I got it! 
Arissa Cheo's Wolf Hat. Photo Credit: http://www.carteblanche-x.com/arissa/

 That's all for now. Working on some new dance moves for Tuesday's performance.

Byes! ^_^

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