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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Back home in Boston!

  If you remember my entry about how stressful I was feeling because I have many ballet recital coming. I though it would be best to take a two week vacation with my family, being around love ones always fills my heart.

 Well being around them has relived most if not all of my stress. I'm ready for next week, I'm ready to dance!

 Sunday night is going to be spent indoors. First is the start of Season three of Downton Abbey (in the UK but I'll catch it somewhere online ^_^ ) and on PBS is the second episode of Broadway or Bust.

  And I'm still on my beauty ban. It's kinda harder than I though. Because of course NOW that I'm on a beauty products ban EVERY & ALL stores wants to have deep discounts on my favorite items. But it's cool, in ballet we're taught discipline and how to focus. I try to use them in everyday life too.  I save a lot of money by not running out to buy the newest creams & lotions.

   I wanted to share the newest video from the best songstress on Youtube: KateTheGreat19
 She has a angelic voice, and what makes her so awesome is she's a lover of video games, anime, and music.  Most of her covers are from some form of anime or video game.

            And when she sings; the vocals, instruments, and melodies are all from her.

     This song in the video below, is in a well loved anime film, can you guess where it's from?

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