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Friday, September 7, 2012

No More Beauty Products. BANNED! SnowAsian is BACK!

                                                               I'm done.

  I'm done with beauty stores, beauty shops, beauty products, beauty deals and steals. Beauty coupons and all the like.

                                              I. Have. Too. Much. CRAP!

  I literately have a big bin JUST for all my skincare products! And I have a makeup case dedicated only to lip balms/stains/butters and nail polish!

  So I'm on a beauty ban until I use up my entire supply. I honestly think I have enough beauty crap to last me til the end on next year (that's with daily use)!

So the ban includes:
NO skincare products: cleansers, moisturizers, creams, mask, etc...  This does not include any doctor prescribed medicine.
NO lip balms, stains, butters, sticks, etc..
NO more makeup: eye shadows, eyeliners, foundation, concealers, etc...
NO nail polishes: nail art, etc...

  So this means no more beauty hauls for a long while. Which is great because I can dedicate this blog to my ballet world and bits & pieces of my personal life. I hate that I made this place too materialistic! I want more of my life/passion/dreams/thoughts to come out of this blog.

       SnowAsian was NEVER meant to be 24/7 beauty site. And that's just what I've made it. I've got to change that. This place was for ballet & venting. I've lost sight of that. I hate a part of me for that. And I am sorry dear readers.... But I learned my lesson and will get back on track starting with the next update!

                                        That is my promise to you, I won't break it!  

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