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Saturday, September 1, 2012


  I had a lot of recitals in the passed month and have even more coming up! And I've been practicing non-stop. I'm stressed out! I'm stressed out so badly that I'm breaking out, fortunately not on my face but my chest & arms! This makes me stress out more!

  But I've been playing video games and listing to a lot of music, taking walks with Sara Crew lately, which has helped. But the break outs are still there! I need a vacation.... But I'm to busy to plan one and money is kinda tight.

   So I'm going back home to Boston for a week and a half to be with my family. Before my recitals starts up again.

I don't know....but I'm so tired......

 P.S. I will not stop ballet because of this. As they say: "This too shall pass".


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