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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Won't Stop....

      Taking a break from the real world to write this to a personal bully.....

   I will NEVER stop dancing and don't you ever forget that! I love Ballet, I love telling a story through the movement of my whole body, fingers to toes. I've been dancing my whole life and never will set a date to retire. It is hard work, and sometimes painful but I suck it up everyday I get out of bed. I'm not a quitter unlike you. You're just mad, jealous, & regret spending your youth in school on stupid things like drugs, smoking & lots of unprotected sex. I really do feel sorry for you and your past choices but please don't take it out on me. You act like your 60 years old & that your life is so screwed up! Newsflash! your just 21 going on 22 this year. You have plenty of time turning your life around. But it's better to start now than later. Stop bringing down innocent people just so you can have a distraction from feeling sorry for yourself. Because you're just wasting your time and energy that could be used on so much better and wonderful things.

  Whatever the case may be, I will continue on my way and never stop dancing.....


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