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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trust Me

   Okay, so yesterday I was thinking of the fight that broke apart my last relationship. Here's the story, ..... 

  "My ex and I had a fight about privacy. My ex said " you don't need privacy when you have a boyfriend cause you are to tell him everything , there is no need to hid things from me". I told him that it wasn't about hiding things from him. But there are personal stuff that I like to keep to myself. I always told him what was on my mind but there are somethings that you don't want to bring out into the open, is that wrong of me? I'm sure he has things from his past that he wants no light shed on. So why get on my back about stuff like my password to my E-mail account or about my past. I would never ask him to do anything he didn't want to do, so why ask me? "
  Privacy plays an important role in life but what I want to know is, does privacy get thrown out completely when you're in a relationship?


  1. Hi Natasha, I love reading your blog, it's always so refreshing to read :)
    This post was especially interesting to read. I don't believe that being in a relationship means that you should give up your privacy. It's healthy to have some "secret"- i'm using this term loosly ofcourse. I totally understand your point, and with some people it takes time for them to open up to others. I think the longer the relationship, the more open everything is, but most importantly there has to be an element of trust... maybe your ex felt a little insecure... Anyways, sorry for typing such a long comment! Hope ballet is going well for you :) xX

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment <3. Yeah, I felt that he was insecure and whenever I tried to talk to him about it he would walk away. So, I decided it would be best to let him. I was reflecting on an old memory. >.<