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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Classic Red: No Lipstick needed Red Lips

  Love red lips but hate lipstick? Me too. I have bad luck when it comes to buying & wearing lipsticks. It doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive. They always seem to make my lips dry and chapped even in the warmest weather. I always apply lip balm before applying my lipstick but still I get the same result. I found out from my doctor that I have an allergic to lipstick. Is that even possible? yes, in fact quite a few women in the U.S.A alone experiences this. So you are not alone.

  But funny enough, I am not allergic to tinted lip balms or lip stains. So I have been on a search to find the products that would give me the satisfying red lips that lipsticks just won't allow! (dramatic, no? lol)

"What does one expect from her lip products?" 
 "Longevity, Hydration, and Rich Color."
  I love lip products that gives off a rich color and still looks very natural. When I'm going out on a daily basics, dance class, mall, class, etc.. I like my lip product to just give me enough color to see a natural set of red lips.But when I'm going out at night or dancing in a Ballet recital, I like a more deeper, blood color red. I think the reason why so many women love red lips is because it's sexual, sinful simple look. It can mature your whole outfit with just one swipe. Also, red lips can get you just about anything! Look at Snow White, lived with a bunch of old men (rent free), got a free apple, a prince and a happy princess ending because her red lips pulled her whole look together. Hahaha!

  And I have two trusted products that have been very loyal to me. Giving me the results that I ask for. No more, no less. Nivea Lip Balm A Kiss of Flavor in Cherry and N.Y.C. New York Color Lip Stain in Smooch Proof. Both are inexpensive and offer rich color. My Nivea tinted lip balm, is what I use on a daily basics, it giving my lips a hint of red that makes it seems like a natural color. Even though it is a tinted lip balm be sure to apply a non-tinted lip balm BEFORE apply this. N.Y.C. is what I use for Ballet performances and nights out because the color is a very intense deep blood color. Just be sure to apply a non-tinted lip balm AFTER applying the lip stain. Not to mention, the color makes my face paler too. So, I don't know if that's a plus or a minus your books. If me, it doesn't bother me at all. Both can be purchase at any drugstore around $3.99. I got both of mine at Rite Aid.

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