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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


  Love the feeling after getting a new hair cut! I went to Hair Cuttery on Monday, I rarely ever go to a hair salon because I am very over protective of my hair. So, either I do it or a family member or friend. But life is getting to busy for me to keep up with my "high maintenance" hair. If I don't give it special treatment almost everyday  it will go crazy on me. I have very thin & dry hair. I love volume but not big hair, just enough to frame my face just right. Because I get my hair done (usually in an up-do) before ballet recitals, my hair is constantly being pulled and tugged in every which way. Causing it to become very frail and dry. I need to apply a hot oil treatment in my hair twice a week to keep it hydrated. 

Anyway, back to my haircut. I love the result! My hair feels voluminous, light, healthy, well hydrated, and a lot stronger. 
  While I was out I brought some toe pads for my ballet slippers. I always end up losing them or they lose their cushieness lol! 

  I've been playing some of my old PlayStation 2 video games lately on my PS3. I find them more entertaining that a lot of the games on my PS3 and Xbox 360. Lately I've been gaming back and fourth with Trapt, Dragon Quest VIII, and Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love. Trapt is my favorite even though it has sadistic elements in it.....what does that say about me O__o?

Well that's all folks! Gotta get back to the real world so I'll end this small update with another picture of my dad's new puppy. After his much needed haircut!

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