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Saturday, January 7, 2012

End of the First Week of the New Year!

   Monday was first day of Ballet class, it felt so good to get back on the dancer floor! Met my new teacher and made some genuine friends. Got up, got dress and missed the Metro, I cannot wait till May, that's when I'll be able to get my car. It seems I have bad luck with the Metro no matter where I live! But that's okay, I'll get my car and never again have to complain about the local Metro just gas prices lol! 
   But, we are learning about Contemporary ballet, that is when you combine parts of both classical & modern ballet together. Up till now, I've only study, classical ballet so I'm more that ready for a change. On Wednesday I had to leave early because it was the last day of a ballet casting call. I was trying out for two roles. I only got one but YAY!. I play the main character's youngest sister. That's all I can say till further notice lol. But I will start training for my role starting Sunday. I can't wait, a new year and already I'm getting a ballet role.
   I'm also buying a new bed, as of now I'm sleeping on a futon mattress. Which has been giving me back problems. I've also simplify my skincare regime and my skin looks great and feels amazing!

   I want to go see "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo & The Woman in Black". Both look really good.

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