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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Book Reviews: Beauty Rules by Bobbi Brown

Front Cover
Back Cover

   I purchased this beauty/makeup book at Barnes & Nobles last winter for $24.99. The book is filled with lots of colorful pages and step by step simple, natural looking makeup looks done by Bobbie Brown. It also features before and after shots of each makeover. This is perfect for young girls 12 on up because young girls at that age should learn the basics of makeup, nothing heavy to hide behind.

  The book not only talks about makeup but also beginners skincare tips and eating healthy tips. Like, eating lots of potato chips are bad but lots of fruit is good. Choosing lip colors, what makeup brushes look like, and 'putting your best foot forward", "love who you are" type of passages, etc...  In the book it states that all the models used are not models at all, but random, everyday young girls.

   The thing I like most about this book is the makeup tips for different ethnicity and skin tones. Even for people with freckles!

  For a makeup/beauty book for beginners, I give it 5 out of 5 Teddy Bears. This isn't really the type a book I would recommend for someone who knows about makeup.

Packaging: Comes in a Hard back cover.

                               Price & Location: I purchased this at Barnes & Nobles for $24.99.

Pros: A makeup/beauty book for young girls that are just learning to use makeup or for beginners at any age.
                               Cons: Not for you if you already know your way around makeup.

Loving it?: I love the high quality pictures in the book. and the fact that it shows different techniques for different skin tones, races, and facial structure. But sense I know about makeup, this book doesn't really teach me anything useful or new.  

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