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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Gift

   Heyyyyyyyy guys! How was everyone's Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday? Mine was crazy as hell! But nothing like the woman at Wal-Mart who pepper sprayed people who she thought was cutting in line. If I was one of the people she sprayed I would sue. Anyways, I tried to hit all the stores with the biggest sales I could find. Got 80% of my Christmas shopping done, doing the rest of it next week from my laptop with a hot cup of cocoa. It's crazy and too cold out there!

   To be honest, I actually like Boston's cold weather. I love being able to wear my Winter clothes and cute snow boots. San Diego doesn't have it like that unfortunately. But I promise my Dad I will spend the holidays into the New Year with him & my family in Boston every year. So I get to enjoy the cold weather after all!

     I canceled my Ballet classes till next year for a fresh start and to focus on work for now. But that doesn't mean I stop dancing, gosh no! I still do my daily warm-ups and practice when I take Sara Crewe to the park to play. I still have my lesson books that I do everyday. Not to mention, I jog and take walks in the morning to stay in "ballerina shape". But maybe I should take kick boxing too.....

    Things are good here. Planning on taking my Dad on a trip to Hong Kong since his birthday is coming up in January. I was reading an Asia magazine and it was talking about the small luxury hotel, ""The Upper House". I thought it would be perfect considering how my Father loves China and wanted to go back but never did after my mother passed..... So I really want to do this for my Dad, he really deserves it more than anyone. Which is the reason why I canceled all my ballet classes and am focusing on work. 

   Well, I'm going to have to keep this short n' sweet. I have ballet to practice and work to do. Till next time...

          P.S I have a very short Beauty book review coming up. Sorry for the delay, been busy!

My Dad got a doggy! His name is Rummy. Which is the real deal!?

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