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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random Thoughts.....

   Taking it easy this weekend. Been working hard all week long. Trying to save up enough money for my Dad's Birthday trip to Hong Kong. So, I don't have much to write about today but if you are a fan of N.Y.C (New York Color) cosmetics then starting Sunday through Saturday Rite Aid is  have a sale on their products. Where everything is 40% off.! I'm going down to my Rite Aid and stock up! In the mean time here is a list of things that are on my mind....

I want to buy Vanilla ice cream & Reese's mins so I can mix them together and eat them.

I wish for Hillary Clinton to one day, be president.

I want to finally complete my PlayStation 2 collection by the end of this year (just 12 more games to go!).

I find those creepy anime like circle lenses on girls incredible scary!

I want for just one day where I don't need my earphones on while walking down the street so I can ignore all the "cat calls" from horny men!

I wish for more of the world to value the lives of women.

I really do want world peace.

Is it to much to ask for a favor without wanting something in return ALL THE TIME!?

FairyTales are just Fairy Tales but I would love to meet my prince at a ball.

I would love to learn some ballet moves from Alexandra Ansanelli.

I wish food was cheaper so I could buy more of it lol!

I want to be filthy rich but with none of the problems that come with it.

I want to meet and date both Paolo Montalban & Richard Armitage.

I wished I stood up to that one bully back in middle school but karma has gotten her back...

I want a sequel for The Iron Giant and another Rush Hour & Austin Powers movie.

I wished I could be a Geisha way back when for a day but I think I'd regret it.

I would love to see what it would be like to be a boy.

I think it sucks being a girl at times....

Why can I not still buy tampons without blushing when I pull them out at the checkout clerk!?

I need to start teaching Sara Crewe that my ballet shoes are not toys....

I want to climb the highest mountain and scream from my lungs!

I wanted to yell at that old lady years ago, who yelled at me on the metro that I could have given her my seat on the bus. My leg was injured very badly you witch!

I wanted to run away when my mother died.

I want to sit in an open field while it's raining and just stare into space, thinking about my future....

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