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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Real Emotions

   This is a RANT about what happened a few days ago, it is was so.....Uneducated. That's the only way I can describe it. Okay, here's what happen. I didn't have Ballet classes that day so a friend called me and asked if I wanted to go hangout with some her friends. They came over while I'm still getting ready. And I couldn't find my wallet or my jacket. So I'm a little frustrated over this because I usually always put my stuff back where it's supposed to be so I wouldn't be in this situation. And I just hate making other people late because of me. So, my friend's boyfriend comments on my being upset and said "Look, you don't have to come with us since you're clearly on you Period". I originally thought he was just annoyed because I was making them wait.

   Now, this little comment wouldn't have bother me IF it wasn't the 26,343,121 time I heard something like this along those lines when I show an emotion other that happy around guys. Was I on my period? No, but even if I was, does that automatically means any emotion such as Sad or Angry is because of my cycle? NO!! I swear, the stupidity that is allowed on this planet will never cease to amaze me.

   Anyway, I turn around and looked right at him. I did not yell about his lame comment nor did I jump him. Thought both ideals were in my mind at the time. I ask him "How do you know my body so well?". Lol he had the funniest facial expression. He said, "Huh?" I repeated the question and then said "How did you come to the conclusion that I'm on my cycle?". He said; "Uh....because you looked mad but I was just kidding around.".

   Now that I knew the comment was just a "joke" I wasn't SO annoyed. But it still bugs me that I can't seem to show many emotions around guys. They're all alright if we talk about video games, music, or just random silly stuff but if I having a rough time like I don't want to be disturbed and they see that. Then, I'm immediately label as unstable or "too emotional to talk to". Mocked, that I must be on my cycle. I know that there are actual gentlemen out there but the guys I meet are real jerks.

    Would it be too much to ask to have some gentlemen friends as actual friends? Ones where I don't have to hide myself from them just to not be ridiculed.

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