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Monday, November 7, 2011

Feeling the Love!

  What can I say? I am loving life right now! I was a little down for awhile, but I cheered my own self up over the weekend. I saw some sites, indulged in a at-home-Spa and wrote a lot in my journal. I realized how blessed I am. With a lot of people looking for work, losing their homes, trying to pay bills, and support a family, I have is kinda easy. I'm not a young single mother trying to raise a child and further my education like some of the people I was friends with in school. It's just my doggy and I.

  I was upset that my career in Ballet hasn't really taken off yet. That I wouldn't get to live out my dream but I thought about it and saw what I do have and am happy about it. As long as I can keep dancing on or off stage I will be fine.

  Since I didn't get the part in "The Nutcracker"  I'm travailing back to Boston, Massachusetts for the holidays. I'll be back in San Diego next year in 2012. Looking forward to all the quality family time I'll be getting during the holidays.

   I'm glad I'm over my little dark cloud period, I am now focus and thinking clearly. Working hard to achieve my goals and enjoying my young life.

 Happy Holidays, everyone!

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