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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beauty Reports: Ambi Fade Cream

   I have a few acne scars on my face from popping pimples out of desperation to make them go away really fast. I read lots of reviews on the Ambi Fade Cream, a skin spot treatment that lightens dark spots. That it's cheap & effective. While reading I read that it contains 2% of Hydroquinone, the main ingredient that lights the dark spots on skin. I also read that it is a very dangerous chemical if you don't wear sunblock daily while using it. The Ambi Fade Cream comes with a small sunscreen mixed with the product but it's not enough to fully protect your skin from the Sun. I don't think it's for a your entire face but only the dark spots. I brought this at Wal-Mart for $5.25. Not a real financial loss if it doesn't work. This product seems to be marketed to African women but I'm sure anyone from any race can use it. I'm Asian and was told that I could also benefit from this. Will do a full review later.


  1. oooh! I've heard a lot of this product too and is in need of something that would hopefully lighten my acne scars (which are A LOT) in the next 2 weeks. Let me know what u think about the product :)
    Btw, love your page! and your banner is simply amazing

  2. @KaitLin Kat: Thanks and welcome to my blog. I've been using it for a few weeks and haven't really seen any BIG results. I think you're suppose to give it a month or two. But it is very moisturizing and keeps my skin soft all day long. Just make sure you swear sunblock every time you go out because this product will make your skin sensitive.