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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In the Mail: U by Kotex Free Samples

     Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored or paid by Kotex, these items were sent to me for free.

   U by Kotex were giving away free samples of their Tampon, Pads and Liners. I requested some and I received...

I thought the packing was pretty cool. It came in a slide out box. And it was very discreet. It didn't say "FREE PAD & TAMPONS INSIDE!!" on the box. Just a black box with some designs on it.

I received two Tampons. The green one is R for "Regular" and the pink is S for "Super". Depending on your flow.

One pad in Regular.

And instructions on how to properly use the Tampons.
A very cute bag to keep all your Liners, Tampons, or Pads in.

A tin box big enough to fit some Liners or Tampons.

Four sample Liners were inside.

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