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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tu me manques

   At first I didn't think I would miss it, because during Summer break I can do other things in my life. I love ballet with all my heart but I couldn't do anything else when I was studying it during the school year. I had to be so committed to it. Now that I've had my fun I want to go back now. I can't bare to think that dance classes doesn't start up again until September. I always practice ballet in the morning and before bed, everyday. But that's it, no teacher to push me to my limits, other dance students, trips to see other schools performances, learning more about the history of ballet. NOTHING, it's like I'm watching paint dry. *sigh* Maybe I should take a trip out of Boston and go somewhere like New York or Florida. My dad is doing a lot better and he'll be okay with friends and family. And my friends and I always wanted to travel even if that means we can't go very far.

 I think I'll plan a trip to New York with friends and go see a boat load of broadway shows lol. There are so many people and things to do that I'll have no time to be bored. And maybe, just maybe I'll find a Tokidoki bag!

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