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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Small Haul

   Did some shopping yesterday while looking for a Tokidoki bag. I WILL find one, I must >.< but anyways I did pick up a few things....

   I saw this really cute American Eagle Tote bag on the PayLess website. Only two was left in the store, snag one for $14.99 on sale it was $19.99. More Tote bags means less plastic ones for the commuity (^__^)!

    I can't go out and buy me something without bring back something for Sara Crewe, so I got her this toy sheep while I went groceries shopping.

    Brought a Tamagotchi Connection V3 Virtual Pet Blue Butterflies for my key chain strap. I like the color blue so I got the bule one lol. But can someone tell me why isn't there a Tamagotchi app for mobile phones?! I've seen people make an app to rate how ugly someone is but can't make a Tamagotchi app?! This world is so evil o__O!

   I didn't buy this Forever 21 Angel Hoodie on the same day but gotta included in the haul. It's kinda to hot to wear it but maybe in the fall :P

            lol Random I know but I picked this up too when I was out. This is the BEST toothpaste EVER!!!

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