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Monday, June 20, 2011

Skincare Review: Aveeno Ageless Daily Moisturizer

   Today I will review (a very quick one) the Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Ageless Daily Moisturizer in SPF 30. I used this product for about three days and tossed it. I did NOT like it one bit. On the first day I used it and I loved it, it absorb well into my skin and left my skin feeling soft. I thought it was my "Holy Grail" but didn't turn out that way. On the second day, I used it in the morning after my skincare rountine and felt a burning sensation all over my face. It was so bad that I had to rinse my face off with cold water. Thankfully it didn't do any physical damage to my skin. On the third day I wanted to make sure it was the product and not my skincare routine that cause my face to burn. So for that morning I just washed my face with warm water and nothing else. Afterwards I applied the product on a small part of my cheek and STILL felt the burning sensation so I tossed it.

  The product had a very rich feel to it, it absorb quickly into my skin. But I would still not reccomend this product to anyone.

Packaging: Comes in a beige pump bottle.

Price & Location: I brought this at Walgreens for $2.99 at a clearance sale (now I know why >.<).

Effectiveness: Not for me. It absorb quickly into my skin but there's a burning sensation.

Pros: It absorb quickly into my skin and made skin feel soft on the first day.

Cons: After the first day I kept feeling a burning senation.

Loving it?: No, after three days I tossed it.
                                        Final Verdict: 1 of 5 Teddy Bears


  1. Sorry to hear the product didn't work out for you. I know how it feels when something works at first and then aggravates the skin later. Thanks for the honest and detailed review. Great post.

  2. Thank you ^_^! I'm just glad I didn't blow a lot of money on it. lol