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Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Girl next Door

 I've always consider myself "The Girl Next Door" type. Like I'm not the type to go out to clubs with my girlfriends. My view of fun is very diffferent than the norm. lol I'm pretty boring to put it plainly. I enjoy watching Korean and British dramas. I love to listen to music while clean my home. I take great pride in being independant, I earn my own money, put myself throught school and take care of myself very well. I love going to amusement parks at night because all the rides and park's stands all light up, I feel like a child. I save my Sunday for an "At-Home-Spa". I treat myself to a luxurious bath while giving myself a facial, I do my nails, my hair etc.... I only have one me and I'd like to take care of that me for a very long time.
   I have friends but sadly because of another year ends at my dance academy and Summer beings I lose a lot of my friends to travels to L.A or New York during the whole Summer months. So I only have my two BFF but they are rarely available..... So it's mostly me and Sara Crewe. But I love that I can go anywhere in the world and not have responsibilities waiting for me when I get back. I am enjoying my youth, that is very important to me since I will not be this age this young ever again.

  I go out everyday unless it's Sunday (my lazy day) or I'm ill. It may sound funny or weird to you but going out everyday is my way of thanking mother nature for seeing another day (sooo corny >__>). It doesn't matter what I do as long as I'm outside. If I'm low on money I'll go to a park, see a movie, take my doggy out for a walk, or the Zoo. I meet many interesting people while I'm out it's like a reailty show out there O__o!!

 Ballet has taken a back seat for now that Summer is here, I practice everyday, morning and night no matter how I'm feeling or what mood I'm in. Passion and dedication has my heart (another corny saying >_<). I write about myself not because it is my blog (well duh!) but because I never want to forget who I am or my values.

   Ballet is my true love, I am my true self when I dance.

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