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Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning, Spring Changing: Random Updates

  After two weeks of  Spring (it's so not Spring, it's freezing here in Boston) I decided to help welcome Spring by changing my blog back to its "Simple and Pure" look. I like it like this, It makes me happy and calm. Actually blogging makes me very happy and calm.
   So in this pass week I brought a new cell phone, I'm loving it because it has a great quailty camera, I can record videos and it somewhat looks like a BlackBerry (I want it but can't afford the $500 price tag). Hopefully my phone's featues will help improve my site.

   I've got a boat load of skincare reviews I will start posting starting Sunday. I am loving Biore for skincare and Dove for bodywash. I love taking care of myself!


   Kinda sick at going to GameStop, been there more than 5 times this past month buying and returning video games. And what's up with all these games going digital, I want my games in my boxes! lol. Yes I still buy PlayStation 2 video games and I'm not ashame of it at all! A gamer is a gamer no matter what he or she plays!

   So many movies I want to see; Sucker Punch, HOP, Jane Eyre, etc... But life will not let me, so busy all the time. Guess I'll have to wait for the BB/DVD release.

   Ballet class is going great. I'm working on my first ever ballet dance, I'm even  writing the storyline to go with it. I've asked my my dance teacher to help me with some parts so the whole thing will be perfect. Maybe I'll even get it to cast and direct it someday...

   Earth Hour was so much fun, My friend brought over these little crackers with like fives different chesse in them and they were so good. But I hate that there are people who actually laught at Earth Hour. The Earth Hour event was to raise awarness of just how much we take from the planet. So the next time you move from one room to the next, just turn off your lights, T.V, and even uplug your phone when it's completely charged. You'll save money on your next bill and planet Earth.

  I love PBS, and saw so many PAs (Public Annoucments) stating that the goverment wants to cut the funding it takes to broadcast PBS. But there is a away you can help. Just sign the petition at 170millionamericans.org. PBS is my favorite channel on T.V, I learn so much from it that I will help in any way I can to see it stand for all time. Please join!

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