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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Six makes Three

   This was a great week! I went out for walks with my puppy, practice really hard for the up coming recital and brought some really cute stuff :p!

  I am so happy that we are moving out of April, I'm sick of dark clouds and raining days. I want more sun, warm weather. I have so many cute outfits for spring but I can't wear them because it's to cold >_>.
   The Cinderella recital is coming up by the end of May and I am working over time so I can get the lead role. I'm watching a cartoon and live-action version of Cinderella to get the full effect of her. I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago and it still hurts a bit but I will dance threw the pain. In ballet you have to take care of you self, my legs, feet and hands are my pride and joy. I give them special treatment sense I ask so much of them for dancing.


   lol Llike it said I was on my way to the gym and I stopped at Rit Aid for a few things and I saw that they where having a 75% off clearence sale off a few items. I checked around and saw a few "N.Y.C 16 Hour Lip Stains" in a bin with $1.24 marked on them. At that price and being a girl I couldn't pass it up. I brought 5 lip stains in 4 different colors. I tried them all and I think "Persistant Pink 490" is my favorite. It looks so natural while giving color to my lips. I just top it off with some lip balm. I think saying it last 16 hours is a bit much unless you don't eat, drink, talk or move you're lips at all. lol But it does last long like six hours?  A very good product. Wow I didn't think that would turn into a mini review.

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