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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mean Stinks!

 Two of my friends and I were walking home with a group of girls from our Ballet class. When one of the girls brought up another girl from our class, talking about how bad she is at dancing and that the only reason she's in the class is because her mom and dad are rich. They just kept going into details about how bad she is at dancing, how rich she is, how much better they are at dancing etc... It got me to thinking why do we Gossip? I'm no angel when it comes to gossip myself but I do try to reframe from it. For example; I don't watch shows like TMZ because shows like that make a living off of  gossiping.

   I guess gossiping is just soooo juicy that we just can't get enough of it. Is it horrible?, yes but I guess it makes us feel so much better about ourselves that we are willing to throw someone else under the bus to get that feeling.

  When I was in Middle School, I remember walking down the hallway, walking pass people, then hearing whispers about me and my personal life being spread all over school. In school I held my head high, ignored it and went on with class but at home, in my room I broke down and cried each night. So I know that people who say that gossip doesn't hurt them or they just don't care are really hurt the most.  

  It's kinda funny that even though I been through the gossiping/bulling thing....I STILL catch myself gossiping to this very day. It's crazy but now I try to help out others who seem to have trouble with dance moves instead of laughing. I try to improve my own dance moves or ask for help instead of feeling jealous or envy. It has helped alot and turn me into a better person.

  While reading my "Teen Vouge" issue I came across an AD that talks about a FaceBook page called "Mean Stinks (click)". It's where people post their stories about how they went through bullying either physically, mentally, or emotionally. It can actually help and inspire you or someone you know that's going thourgh bullying.

                                          Gossiping about not gossiping is great gossip!

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