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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day for Gamers

    Valentine's Day or as others like to call it "Single Awareness Day", is coming up in less than a week. A time for kissing, hugging, eskimo kisses, candy, stuff animals and naughty things. Whether you're single or in love you can still have great fun on V-Day.

Lately I've been playing an old PS2 game that I picked up at a nearby GameStop, It's called "Chulip" and I swear it's the weirdest game I've ever played but oh-so much fun! Here's some info....

"Chulip" is a PlayStation 2 video game developed by "PunchLine".

 "During a beginning dream sequence, the male protagonist kisses the girl of his dreams under the talking tree known as the Lover's Tree on a green hill. The player can then name both the protagonist and his dream girl, similar to what is seen in certain Harvest Moon games. The dream takes its course, the tree ends the sequence saying they lived happily ever after. However, once the protagonist wakes up, he and his father are just moving into the village of Long Life Town, which appears very much like a Shōwa period Japanese village. Coincidentally, the girl of his dreams lives in this town, but she flatly rejects him due to his reputation as coming from an incredibly poor family. To improve his reputation, the player must kiss other characters. En route to strengthening the character's heart and improving his reputation, the player must also write a killer love letter. When the treasured Love Letter Set is stolen, the player must track the missing pieces." -From Wiki

I love this game to bits even thought I havn't finshed it yet, it's sweet and fun for you and/or your significant other.


                Happy Valentine's Day!


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