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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cinderella & The Beast

  Last night was "fairytale movie night" for me. I watched two of my favorite classices on DVD. "Cinderella and Beauty and Beast". No, not the Disney animated verison that people everywhere lush over but another....

  My favorite verison of "Cinderella" is a made-for-TV-movie (1997), starring Brandy Norwood and Bernadette Peters. I loved this verison sooooo much ever since I was five years old, and am very glad that I was able to find and buy the DVD. If I had to take a guess I would say that I've watched this movie well over 30 times. It never gets old and will go down as a timeless classic. "A lover's Dream" and "The Sweetest Sounds" are two of my favorite songs in the movie.

  When people hear the words "Beauty & The Beast" most would think, Disney, cartoon, colorful, and warmhearted. But as much as I do love the Disney animated verison there is an much much early verison that has taken my heart and won't dare give it back. "La Belle et la Bête (Beauty & The Beauty)" This pure French, black and white verison is incredible and breathtaking. Instead of cute cartoon characters you'll see creepy eyes, arms, and hands that turn Beast's castle alive. I love this non-musical verison, again I can watch this every day and never get bored with it.

I love FairyTales....

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