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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Madam Butterfly Ballet

---------------------------------------------------------------Today was very inspiring.

---I woke up mega early, like 4:00 am. I couldn't fall asleep so I decide to pamper myself for a few hours. So while I was running a hot bath, did my daily skin care regimen, brush teeth, and apply a hydrationg mask till I finshed my very long bath. Then, while putting my outfit together for the day I wore a very blue clay mask. I ate breakfast, watched "Tom & Jerry" awake and ready for the day.

---So today we had to go to an ballet recital at a high school. Their performqnce was "Madam Butterfly"a lovely story told by opera but this time in ballet form. I watched with such amazement. You could easily tell that the class had practice for months and months. It was such beautiful dancing. Afterwards, we were able to introduce ourselves and make some new friends. I made friends with this one guy, Mark. He gave me some good tips about my posture in ballet. Then we somehow got from ballet to food, lol.

Our teacher then said "the city is yours til 9:30 pm". I was like "9:30 pm? we're not 12 years old'. But if we didn't follow, this would be out last trip to anywhere. So my friends and I went to some restaurants and did some hardcore shopping. Till it was time to go back to the hotel room.

---If you havn't seen or read the story of "Madam Butterfly" I suggest you watch the film adaptation called "M.Butterfly". The sweetest part is you don't even need to buy it! Someone uploaded the whole movie on YouTube. It's a must see.

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