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Monday, June 7, 2010


  I've always been a huge fan of asia horror films. I grew up watching them. Can you imagine a five-year old watching something so scary so late at night? But that was me. I have so many asia horror films that it may seem a little addictive. So now I'm gonna show some of my favorites horror movies that I recommend you see. And the best part is a lot of the films I will write about can be viewed on YouTube with english subtitles!

Here's the first of many asian horror films to come.....

"The story is about Yoo-Jin, a transferee from Seoul who, with her two other friends, are constantly being bullied by their classmates. One night, Yoo-Jin and her friends decide to place a curse on their enemies by creating a Ouija board and start to write the names of the four female bullies. Using the Bunshinsaba curse, Yoo-Jin warns the others not to open their eyes until the spell is finished. The calling takes effect, and Yoo-jin, somewhat curious, opens her eyes. To her shock and horror, she sees an image of a girl with long hair beside her." ~Bunshinsaba

Bunshinsaba is a South Korean horror movie, it was made in 2004 and is pretty decent. It reminds me of The Grudge is some spots of the movie. It's a little confusing if you watch it with noisy friends, so you may want to watch it alone. I really like this flim but most of my friends say they don't like it very much. The flim is spoken in Korean but has English subtitles, you can buy the DVD or view it on YouTube with the English subtitles. I own the DVD and lots more horror movies I want to share later on.

       Here's the trailer....

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