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Monday, May 17, 2010

Paper Dolls

    Everyone has a hobby. Some collect bottle tops, others may collect baseball cards. I have a hobby too, I collect paper dolls. When I was a child, my parents could not afford to buy me new Barbie dolls every seasons. I think throughout my whole child I own only two dolls. But my mother brought home a book full of pages of paper dolls. All you had to do was punch out the doll and her clothes. It wasn't a Barbie doll but it was just as good. Ever sense then I've collected paper dolls. I have tons of them in a box under my bed. I don't play with them like I did when I was a little kid but I still take them out and mix & match their outfits. My favorite one was a Russian girl named Алиса (Alisa in English) she had a very pretty green and black dress that I loved. I remember playing with that doll for hours. But after extend use, she tore and wasn't playable after that. I don't know why I love paper dolls so much but I think it's because they are unique and not a lot of girl play with them. I still go to second hand stores and look for paper doll books.

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