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Friday, August 24, 2012

In The Mail: Tech Upgrades

  A few weeks ago I brought a 32" LED Flat screen TV online at Wal-Mart for $212 (includes free shipping but paid tax). I needed a new TV because my faithful old school 19" Toshiba TV and VCR Combo was on her last legs. RIP old friend, you served me well....

Here she is, siting in the closet, awaiting judgement day....

 But since I upgraded to a flat screen and still play video games on my PS2, I learned (thanks to the awesome gamers over at GameFAQS.com!) I needed a set of component cables to improve the quality of my PS2 games. I paid under $5.00 for them including shipping on Amazon. I got my money's worth and then some! Take a look; I was finishing up Kingdom Hearts 2 & playing Haunting Ground.

32" LED flat screen TV. She's beautifully lol!

Haunting Ground for the PS2 runs great with the help of the component cables.

Kingdom Hearts 2 also runs great!

  This isn't a "Smart TV", just something I can watch TV on and do some much needed gaming when I get home. And it does the job!

  I was also in need of a backup system because I must admit, I never backup my stuff in the past. So I got Western Digital My Passport 1TB (1000 GB) Portable Hard Drive from Amazon. Cost $89.99, free shipping and no tax. I love Amazon!

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