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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Realize. Now Focus

  Ballet is coming along quite well. Yesterday we focused mostly on Battements, it turns out some people in my class still show weakness in this area. And because a few show weakness we ALL show weakness. So for the rest of this and next week we will focus on that. I myself want to focus on battement lent. I need to make my legs stronger. I guess my daily walks and jogs just aren't doing it for me. I guess I need to join a gym even though I hate public/private gyms.

  I haven't been online much this past week, I've been working very hard on my steps and staying late as possible at school. And I also started a new job as of Sunday. So it seems my free time is slowly being striped away....

  But writing gives me a sort of a release in my personal life and because of that I will always make time for it.

  Other points in my life....well I'm finally saving up for a new flat screen TV, but I wonder if I'll be able to play all my old PS2 games on it. But I am in need of an up graded, I've had my TV since 2001 and it finally gave out on me. RIP TV. I also ordered two pocket watch necklaces and two sets of  Clow Cards, so I'm waiting for them to arrive.

   I've been really getting into my book "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red". It's getting pretty creepy but my eyes can't look away! Totally worth the 96¢ I paid for it!

  Lastly I'm watching the anime series "The Story of Saiunkoku". I'm in love with this series, it's very good so far. I'm on episode 22 now.

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  1. I love anime!! And that show is very good! :)

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