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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Footwork

  Spring is here and that means many, many Ballet recitals to come. I'm so excited because this mean I get to really put my face out there, get my name out and show people what I'm really made of!

  This is huge because I'm finally getting my chance to try out for "Royal Ballet School", along with many other places. So I've been practicing non-stop. I'm getting really good, even at the difficult footwork. I'm also finally able to buy my car that I've been saving up for two year!!! Great, now I don't have to rely on the Metro's crappy bus schedules!

   So this it, this the year my life makes a big change. I'm to excited to be scared, I'm steadily dancing away my fear....

     P.S Sorry for all the skincare entries spam! I've been too busy practicing to do a real blog post. Once everything starts to go with the flow, I'll be able to start real blogging again!

1 comment:

  1. What a fantastic post, It's great to hear that you will be very busy with Ballet recitals and it's even more fantastic that you will be trying out for Royal Ballet School amongst others, I just want to wish you the very best of luck, I hope you get what you want :-)
    Please keep us informed about how you get on :-)
    Good Luck :)