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Sunday, January 1, 2012

My 2012 New Year Resolutions!

*Drink more Water! I'm not into that eight glasses a day that many people talk about. I just need to start drink more water.

*Simplify my skincare regime! I don't need a lot of products on my skin. Just a cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock.

*Take my vitamins daily! Up to now I just took them whenever I remember to take take them. But I need to start taking them daily, in the morning!

*Do more ballet footwork whenever I'm not moving. Like when I'm washing clothes, watching TV, playing a game or just nothing at all!

*Watch more PBS and less crap on TV! I love PBS, everything on that station is educational! I learn something new every time I tune in. I'm not saying I want to stop watching fun TV but stuff like 16 & Pregnant or any MTV reality show has got to go!

*Eating more green apples! I love green apples and I need to eat more!

*Save more money! I am very careful of what I spend my money on but I want a bigger safety net should anything big happens that I can't afford.

*Buy a bed and a car! Right now I'm sleeping on a futon mattress and the Metro is really starting to piss me off!

*Eat in more and eat out less!

*Stop buying so many skincare products! I have wayyyyyyy too many as is and really need to stop!

*Blog more about ballet and rant more! That was what this place was really about but somehow it changed into skincare review site with little fragments of myself......

*Take lots of pictures. I want to remember even the little things when I'm older. I want to remember my youth.

* Travel outside the USA! I want to visit to Canada & Europe!

*Find a Tokidoki bag for everyday use.

*Start shopping at Victoria's Secret.

* Finish at least half of the video games I own now.

*Smile more and offer a helping hand to more people.

*Accept the good with the bad and Welcome this new year with open arms.

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