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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life After E3

  Okay, so after three days of stalking E3 on my laptop and phone. I can say that E3 impressed me A LOT. I really wasn't expecting anything "groundbreaking" so to speak. Just the release of some games that will come out next year and comfrimed dates of games this year. But that was not the case at all.
   I'm not going to do a recap of E3 because 1. I didn't go :( and 2. Gaming sites like GameSpot.com and Kotaku.com have plenty of that. But what I do want to talk about are the things at E3 that I'm excited the most. Like....

  PSV (PlayStation Vita): Backtouch pad, touch screen, dual analog sticks (FINALLY!!) etc... It's a PlayStation 3 on the go! I plan on getting one but not on the day it's released. I NEVER buy things on the release day, why? Because I like to wait a few months (like three?), complains about glitches and bugs may start up and the company decides to re-release a NEWER and BETTER verison while I'm screwed with the buggy original. Happened to me before (Xbox 360). I'm still going to keep my PSP to play the games that are UMD only. >_>

  Anyways, another thing I'm excited about is Metal Gear Soild: HD Collection. I'm happy and kinda pissed at this at the same time because near the being of the year I was able to find a copy of Metal Gear Soild: Essential Collection on the PS2 for $30.00. I played and beat the game but I feel like it was a waste of money. But I'm glad that I don't have to buy/play MGS: Peace Walker on the PSP. I have MGS: Portable Ops and it's hard to play it on the PSP with ONE analog stick. But I'm not sure of which games are not going to be in the HD collection.....

   I'm excited about a lot more games like what VanillaWare has up their sleeves and other stuff but as I said this is not a recap. But as for these two they are on the top of my must buy list.

Happy Gaming!

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