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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Skincare Review: Biore Acne Clearing Ice Cleanser

  I've been using the Biore Acne Blemish Fighting Complexion Clearing Ice Cleanser for about 2 years I think. It last me a loooooong time because I only use one pump of product on my face and even that is to much for me >.<. This cleanser is part of my night routine, I use every night. It has a cooling sensation which feels great during the summer months. It can feel drying so it's best to use a moisturizer afterwards. As for clearing up acne, It has kept my acne at bay meaning they are very small and I have no "full-blown-out pimples".

  The product has a gel like feel to it and believe me when I say one pump is all you need. As you rub the product in your hands it lathers more than enough to clean your whole face and neck. You really get/feel that squeaky clean sensation afterwards.
 All in all it's a very good cleanser for acne, the only draw back is that it's drying so make sure you use a moisturizer.

Packaging: Comes in a green pump bottle, remember ONE pump is all you need.

Price & Location: I brought this at Kmart for $7.99.

Effectiveness: Yes, it works quiet well for me but for $7.99 don't expect a miracle over night.

Pros: Great for keeping acne at bay and a great cleanser for the Summer months.

Cons: Very drying but use a moisturizer and you'll be fine.

Loving it?: Yes, I use this as part of my nightly skincare routine

                                    Final Verdict: 4.5 of 5 Teddy Bears

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