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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Level Up

  I've been playing and buying some old PlayStation 2 video games lately. Didn't really catch on to the system untill late 2008. So I have alot of catching up to do. Just yesterday I brought three PS2 games from GameStop, "Odin Sphere", "GrimGrimoire", and "Echo Night: Beyond". I started playing all three of them to get a feel of what I was in for. So far I like them! Then was playing "Fat Princess" on my PlayStation 3 and it got very addicting that I forgot all about my PS2 video games lol.

  I love video games because I can de-stress and be transported to another world all without leaving my room. Dance classes, college classes and working all in one day, everyday can be hard. I rarely play games on the weekdays because of my busy schedule, so weekends are my only free time. Boo-hoo. I look forward to continue this gaming thing I've gotten use to. And I really look forward to writing more entries about gaming in my life.

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