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Friday, June 11, 2010

DIY: Longer Lashes. No mascara needed!

  Longer lashes without mascara or the mess it leave....ever! The averge women spend about $200+ on mascare that can only last about 6 weeks a year. Then no matter how much you have left over you have to throw it out because it has gone bad. 6 weeks is the average lifeline of a mascara, regardless of cheap or expensive it is. That's alot of money! But I will show you two techniques that will save you a trip to makeup counter. So if you have any old mascara wands laying around, don't throw them out just yet! Time to learn the meaning of the word "reycle".

  All you need is vaseline ( Petroleum Jelly ) and an eyelash curler and an mascara wand. That's all, just those three items, now lets start....

One way!
 Coat both sides of your eyelashes with a small amout of Vaseline and let it set for 7 mintues. Now take the eyelash curler and curl your lashes. The lashes will look long, thick, and beautiful. No need to buy mascara ever!

 Here's a second way.

  Find an old mascara wand. Clean it really well with soap and water. Curl your lashes with your eyelash curler, gently. Eye lashes are very delacated. Then take your clean mascara wand and coat it with vaseline. Apply the mascara wand coated with vaseline to your lashes. By replacing you mascara with vasline your lashes with grow longer and thicker. And it's cheaper too. You can buy a whole jar of petroleum jelly just for you lashes and it will last longer than any brand name mascara in the world. A whole jar can last years without expiring!

I've been using this technique for about two years. It saves me money and lets me enjoy my own beautiful lashes to the fullest. Don't forget to use it on your bottom lashes. They need love too! lol

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