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Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Skincare Regimen (Winter 2013)

  Skincare is more important to me than any makeup product out there. I try to take good care of my skin. Drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruits and never put things that will not benefit your health i.g. drugs, cigarettes, etc..
  As a ballet dancer who has worn her fair share of makeup during recitals (When performing on stage, it is crucial to wear makeup), the makeup that I wear be it daring & bold or soft & simple (depends on what role I am given) always gives the appearance of flawless skin. Think Barbie doll or a small child if you will and you get the idea.
  So as wearing makeup is part of my job and I wear it for long hours, skincare is definitely important. Should I not take care and wash my makeup off completely  it can result in more breakouts and could even damage my skin.
 Ironically in my personal life, I wear very little makeup (Mascara & lip color mostly). Think it's because I wear it so much to the point where it makes me appreciate my own skin.

  My skin type is oily/dry. I'm have oily skin on both cheeks and forehead, while I suffer from dry skin on my nose and chin area. I do get acne breakout but really only when I'm on my period. I have few acne scars from past years of picking at my skin.

  My skincare routine is fairly basic. The simple "Cleanse, Tone, and moisturize" I'm sure we all heard of. The best thing about the products I use is that they are all very affordable drugstore brands!
              Here's a picture by picture, step by step of what I do every morning & night:

 There are other skincare treatments that I use but not on a daily use. Sometimes I use them once or twice a week. It just depends on what I feel my skin my need at the time. But do use a Biore Pore Strip once or twice a week.

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