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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

In The Mail: Nokia X2-01 For T-Mobile (UPDATE Pics!)

  I was in need of a phone simply because I was bored of my old one. I don't buy smartphones because I hate contracts and and they're too expensive to buy without the 2 year contract attach for me. And with so many different styles of phones coming out every 5 minutes, buying pre-paid phones lets me switch from one style to another without wasting a lot of money. Also I like to change my phone every 1-2 years.

  I'm a fan of Nokia phones but for quite some time I haven't found a style of their phones that I liked and was with T-Mobile (my carrier, which I love!). But I came across this phone on the Wal-Mart site for $64.99. It's cheaper to buy online because in stores it's $79.88. So I ordered it and here!

  This phone has all the basic, camera (a very crappy VGA), music player, video recorder, internet (no wi-fi), & Bluetooth connectivity. It came with a SIM card (but I using my old SIM instead), manual, charger, and even a pair of Nokia earphones.

  The keyboard is way better than my old phone and the screen is very bright and clear. The only thing I don't like is that you can't change the screen brightness to save battery life but it has a long battery life.

Ordered a purple phone case off Amazon for 75¢ for my new Nokia X2-01. Just came now, it fits perfectly!

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