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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why I buy used video games and Don't feel sorry for it

   I buy used video games, about 85% of my video games in my collection is used. Why? because I love saving my hard-earned money. I read an article on Yahoo! talking about how $60.00 new video games are losing money. And I understand so much why that is even before I read the article. With new games going $60 and paying to play online, like $25-$40 a month and then there's the crappy DLC, where you pay maybe $10-$20 for a few maps and new gear. It gets expensive! To the point where you're actually paying over $100 for ONE video game. So crazy that I wanted/had to write myself....

   When I was eight or nine years old I started gaming, my consoled was the PlayStation 2. Back then games were $40 new. Which was a lot for me, since I was the one who mostly brought my own video games. Back then I purchased no more than three new video games a year. And where I use to live had no GameStop or any Independent video game store in my area. So I had to rely on stores like Wal-Mart or Target. Which, as you may know, mainly carries big name brand games and maybe a few (like 3-5) hidden gems. So I missed out on a lot of great stuff then.

   But when we moved to the inner city, I when into my first GameStop, and brought "Tenchu: Fatal Shadows" for the PS2. GameStop had the game new for $19.99 and right next to it a used copy for $9.99. Needless to say I went for the used copy, played it and found out it worked just as well as any of my new video games. I was kinda mad at myself that I spent so much on my video games. So I adapted this new way of gaming into my life, and when I finally got internet connection in my home I discover that lots of people do this to save money.
    So I can up with a rule that I live by so I can save my money and also enjoy one of my most favorite hobbies.

*I never pay more than $40 for a video game (new or used, this going for any guide books too), if it's an collector's edition I really want, I'll watch the item till it drops down to a more reasonable price. EX: "Catherine Love Is Over" Deluxe Edition for the PS3 was $80 but drop to $60 when I got it.

   I also don't pay for DLC or online gaming. I'm not into the online hype anyways so I'm not missing out.

   So in conclusion, I don't feel sorry for it because, I'm poor and know the worth of every dollar in my bank account. I buy used games because I want to save my money, maybe when games come packed with stuff that is actually worth $60 I'll consider it. But until then GameStop or any store that sells used games are my best friend!

 Thank you.

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