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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Taking Time to Breathe....

Walking the sands barefoot with my dog.
   It's been awhile since I sat and written up a REAL blog entire. I don't consider spamming my page with nothing but pictures an entire. I have so many of them that I'm kinda ashamed. I've been so busy that I only really update on Twitter. But I love blogging, I want/NEED a place to talk about my day, how things are going and what I'm feeling. This is my home to vent & share.

  Since I enrolled to a dance school here in San Diego, things have gotten so busy for me. I made news friends, I already have "enemies", a new job and working on my enrollment to the "Royal Ballet School" in London.

  Lately I've been taking Sara Crewe to the beach when I get home. I love the beach at that time because there's barely anyone there. We just walk all afternoon or I'll let her run around, keep an eye on her while working on some footwork. 

Old Ballet flats and my newest pair. I'm proud of my beat-up flats. It shows how hard I'm working on my dream.

  I'm pushing myself to the limit, there is a recital casting coming in January. The play will be sometime in the Summer. I recently tried out for a role in The Nutcracker but.... I didn't get it. Which is a good thing, it means I don't have to stay in San Diego for the Winter Break. I can go back home to Boston and spend Winter Break, Christmas with my family, hope we have a white Christmas. So happy! 

 Speaking of holidays, There are some many and I want to spend all of them with my family. Sometimes I wish I never moved. But either way I love the holidays, I love all the cartoons special (yes, I still watch cartoons and will never stop) that come one. It's sorta been my personal tradition to NEVER miss a Charlie Brown special or the Macy's Day Parade. Since the Holidays TV specials come on at night, mostly around 8:00 pm, I would cook dinner, sit and enjoy. The holidays makes me feel all warm a fuzzy. Like I'm a child again or something like that..... 

  What have I've been up to for "fun"? Nothing. Ballet, work, and some college courses. I can't jet off to anywhere right now. It's going to be like this till Winter Break. But I have been gaming a lot because of this. Trying to finish my backlog. To many video games and not enough time. Given up on SMT: Nocturne for now. I really only brought it because of its hype but It's nothing special IMO. Just another JRPG. I'm finishing up Eternal Sonata and Okage: Shadow King. Then will play some scary video games in the name of Halloween. If I had a Wii I could play Fatal Frame 4, damn you Nintendo! All my horror games are mostly on my PS2 and the updated, much better version of Siren on the PSN. I guess you could count the BioShock games and Alice: Madness Returns horror games in a way. I've also been watching a lot of British period dramas. They're my new addiction, lately I've been loving "Downtown Abbey" and "North & South", I'm going to buy the book and compare it to the TV series.

  My Birthday is coming up in two months! December, 12 is the big day. I don't make a big deal about my Birthday anymore, guess I out grew it? (is that even possible?) I usually go out with my friends for a nice dinner and spend the night talking with my dad about "how I was a baby..." type of stories lol. 

                                                                      "Summer is over, here is the Fall".


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