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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Other, Another Day

Was watching Jane Eyre (2011) and certain parts of the movie reminded me of my PlayStation 2 video game, Rule of Rose.
Had a very busy week or two packing for my new life in San Diego that I have had no time to write an entry on blog. I havn't done anything new & exciting. My day mostly contains waking up, go to spinning class come home and pack some more.

    I was watching Jane Eyre (2011) again today and after reading the book (I always watch the movie before I read the book.) I realized how much stuff that was missing in the movie. I really wish the film had added one more hour at least so it could go into deeper detail of the story. The book was very good. Can't believe I went through school without ever knowing of its existence.

   Speaking of Jane Eyre, like I said before, some scenes of the film reminded me of Rule of Rose. Even though the stories and timelines couldn't be farther apart.....

Jennifer, Main character of Rule of Rose
Jane Eyre, Main character of Jane Eyre.
   On Sunday, I grew bored of paking that I decided to break out my PS2 and play Silent Hill 2. I played it twice before but it felt so boring running around, attacking the same enemies over and over again. But I wanted to give it one last chance before I wrote it off as a dud. And I'm glad I did because it's getting good so far. I stopped now because I'm stuck on a stupid safe in one of the apartments. I have the passcode but can't open it! Do I need to solve it inorder to move on?

Yes, my gaming TV is OLD, so don't laugh! I'll upgrade once I've moved.
My PS2 controller is a piece of crap. But I have no choice since Sony didn't make the newer PS3's systems PS2 friendly. Thanks....Sony!
Chips & Hawain Punch is my gamer snack. What's yours?

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