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Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Air

   I went out around my commuity walking my Sara Crewe, thinking about my life. Am I living it to the fullest? I've always thought so. But I've always wanted to move away from Boston and see the world. Get an apartment in San Francisco, sign up for a new ballet instructor, and start a new life. My dad's health is getting better and he doesn't need me like he did in the past. I was looking at apartments online all night last night and found some nice places that allow pets. This isn't some haste decision I suddenly came up with in the middle of the night. I've been thinking about this for a few months now.

 I working on find thee perfect ballet school, it doesn't have to be in San Franciso but it would be nice to find something close to where I plan to live. Metro plays a big part in the commuity. I need metro to get around until I can afford a car. So I need a place that alolws me to ride the metro without walking miles back to my place.

 I already founded some nice two-bedroom town homes, and want to go see then close up and personal. My friends and I are going to make a vacation out of it sense we've never been to California.

Would it be to much to ask to find a place with a view of the golden gate bridge? Because that would be icing on the cake ;).

  I've already talked this over with my dad and I'm trying to decided if I should finsh up my last year of ballet class here and leave or take off as soon as possible? I want to moves during the warm months. Anytime before the middle of November. I can finsh school anywhere, and I'm really excited to get things moving. I think I'll talk about it with my dad some more before making a final decision.

Ugh...I can't decide!!!! Someone help -___-.....

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